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Chạm Tới Hoàng Hôn

Drama TV  "Sunset Touch"

Production Director: Cao Thuy Trinh.

Scenario: Team screenwriter Nha Phuong.

Directed by Le Van Thao - Hung Vy.

Actress: Ngoc Lan, Mai Huynh, Kinh Quoc, The Tam, Huu Nghia Phuong Du, Dong My Vy ...

In the campaign "the first choice for Vietnamese people in Vietnam", a more substantive clause has not been thoroughly addressed. It is the business of domestic production has to do to become a product Item Vietnamese Vietnamese consumers are willing towards?. Desiring called patriotism of consumers, looking from the perspective of consumers' interests seem to see first of all need to awaken the spirit of patriotism was in every business, every manufacturer ...

In the story of entrepreneur - the enterprise, the central character, under the assumption, often determining profitability for themselves as career goals, as well as one of the major life goals. In fact, many cases of business interests in conflict with community interests. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs want to sacrifice personal gain, usually have to sacrifice cage under a voluntary obligation. Ancient people have a saying: do not be a young tree is to emphasize that the sense of community. This philosophy is especially valuable when the economic crisis happening around the globe.

Competition for survival became more aggressive, but the community spirit - symbiosis also is the fulcrum for each individual economic survival and development through wind waves. Where more than all, the symbiosis in the manufacturing sector - the business is always a sure gold for each individual business successfully to your destination. As the technological era, the sharing of experience, technology, markets, and cooperation has become the prerequisite for a more prosperous society, whereby a business development sustainable