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Thái Bình Công Chúa Bí Sử

Actor: Zheng Shuang, Li Xiang, Zhang Han ...
No of Episode: 45 Eps
Produced in 2012

Princess Peace fictional secret history should be the revival of the legendary Wu Zetian was the eldest daughter Princess An Dinh, the emulsion samples Princess Chieu smuggled out of the palace, on the run has encountered many difficulties. When the princess An adult, she has the same opening in the great feudal lord A Sudden Decision Using Mo Tu Na arose sad love story; later learned that her body, her indignation that the determination to stand up for revenge.

The film revolves around the Princess Chieu An upland to overcome dangerous glare from the city fled to higher opening; later An abducted sister Princess Pacific Princess is, replace the girls return to the palace, opportunities waiting for revenge Wu Zetian, starting a coup dragon spirit, ambition to become queen.

In the movie Say Tinh Van took two roles are distinguished middle-aged Pacific Princess titles need love An aquatic and strong princess, outline recommendations.

An princess is the leading character, is also one of the best points of the movie worth watching. This is a fictional character, but it seems that a combination of An Lac Princess and Pacific Princess in the history, character, fortitude, extremely ambitious, making the film mixing real and unreal, overflow colorful TV period.