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Lời Cầu Hôn Ngọt Ngào

Actor: Yoo Seung-ho; Park Eun-bin, Lee Hyeon
Episodes: 23 Eps
Made in Korea
Produced in 2012

The film is a romantic story about a man trying to pass time to devote to his first love.

Perhaps, sometimes narrowly people have in common is a desire to turn back the wheel of time and try to rewrite their lives. Burning more than dream with Kang Baek-ho, the main male character in phim.Anh was deeply felt regret when his first love-Ham Eun-bin-28-year-old girl who fell in love with him all the way from elementary school to college, she loved him more than twenty years of her life, but chose another man.

When KangBaek-ho realized his feelings for Han Eun-bin, he ran right up to her wedding to tell her that _mac though he has 20 years of her friends). Medium or, Eun mother bin ask him to get some stuff in the car and he picked up a letter. Eun letter-bin wrote to him the day after the primary school that she felt he was a very special from the day she met him for the first time in their eight-year-old and she has feelings for him throughout the day to gio.Baek-ho was in pain.

Just then, a man appeared and introduced himself as the driver of his time and a bottle of water when drinking he would come back any time you want. Baek had been drinking that water bottle

So if a miracle happens between two people? Will they be a good end to her first love?

The film has won numerous feelings of your audience to the small screen and won the high percentage of viewers when the first episode premiered in Korea